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Company Overview

We strengthen the business’s core by taking care of its best asset: Human Resources.

With quality-defining expertise, we partner businesses of all sizes. Our clientele has been long-term, and for some, we have been happy to assist them with Human Resources requirements for more than 10 years. Their words of encouragement and good wishes help us realize our goal of being one of the best Human Resources Service Providers.

Big-sized Multinational Corporate Enterprises, mid-sized budding companies, and even startups have availed of our services and have been a testimony of our success.

Our expertise is sector and industry agnostic. Our esteemed clientele represents all sectors of the economy like BFSI, Real Estate and Infrastructure, Supply Chain Logistics and E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Pharma, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Communications, and Media.

Our stories of success rest on our expertise to deliver solutions on three pillars:

  • Help Organizations in Business Transition and Transformation by advancing human capability through the right talent sourcing and building a competent workforce.
  • Help Organizations in their Business Continuity by helping them recruit key important personnel at short notice.
  • Believing in holistic growth. We firmly believe that when our clients grow, our candidates and we grow too. Thus we work on a mantra of Win–Win for All.


Our value system reminds us to remain humble, be an everyday learner, and keep improving as we grow.


Our promise to our clients is to walk the extra mile to achieve Client Satisfaction.

Core Purpose

To provide solutions that positively and consistently impact clients' business results.

Founder and CEO

Dipanwita Chattopadhyay

Based in Mumbai, our deeply passionate and ever-enthusiastic founder, Dipanwita Chattopadhyay, founded DC in 2010. Her sole purpose behind the venture was to excel in her niche, i.e., the Human Resources sector. Today, DC stands amongst the top human capital management consultancies. According to Dipanwita’s vision, we help individual candidates to develop careers and partner with corporate and business houses to realize their mission.

She takes immense pleasure in seeing meaningful growth in the career of candidates whom we’ve placed. And at the same time when our clients add value to themselves and grow because of the HR Strategy services provided by our organization. When Dipanwita is not busy revolutionising the HR sector, she devotes time to her passion: Singing. An avid singer and multi-tasker, she balances her personal and professional life efficiently by taking time out to practice all things that she loves. She is of the opinion that one can only grow professionally in life if they are content personally.

Dipanwita Chattopadhyay has carved her name in the niche she is deeply passionate about. Her story and opinions can be found through the pages of The Times of India, Bombay Times, Consultant’s Review Magazine, and more.

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