Our Team


Advisory Board

Harshajith Umapathy

Our ally & advisor for Strategic HR, Harshajith Umapathy, has excellent practical business scaling expertise. He has experience working with various well-known companies, including Motorola, Bharat Matrimony, Bharti Airtel, and Hansa C-Equity. The business’s marketing, product management, distribution, quality systems, and campaign management are among the many areas he manages as an independent business consultant. Harshajith is the founder of Intuition and Systems, a business consultancy specialising in start-up nurturing & scale-up.

Indraneel Chattopadhyay

Another ally & advisor for Strategic HR at our firm is Indraneel Chattopadhyay. He co-founded Intuition and Systems, a business consultancy specialising in scaling up small businesses. He is a voracious reader and has authority over business growth. Indraneel has almost two decades of expertise in telecom, BFSI, and digital payments banks. Indraneel is interested in fostering businesses and mentoring individuals. He has successfully carried out various initiatives for GSM/LTE and CDMA, M-Commerce, and Renewable Energy businesses.

Our Core Team

Ratnamala is efficient at handling internal operations with DC and has ensured smooth coordination among the employees within the organization. By nature, she is the helper, and on many occasions, she helps her colleagues at work.

Ratnamala Gadge

Sr. HR Operations

Dolly can pick up the finer details of a task. She is empathetic and gets work done quickly with her convincing skills.

Dolly Robin Kumar

Sr. Human Capital Management Consultant

As a professional, Harsha is an enthusiast. She has a knack for technology and automation. She loves taking up challenges and finding novel ways of accomplishment.

Harsha Ahirrao

Sr. Human Capital Management Consultant

As a Business Growth Strategist, Pooja has to her credit smooth onboarding of new clients for DC Consultants. Being a multitasker, she has earned high regard from the clients for her ability to respond promptly to client requirements.

Pooja Pathak

Sr. Business Growth Strategist

As a professional, Dipika is a go-getter. She is passionate about task accomplishment. By virtue of her excellent communication skills, she can strike up a rapport with clients and candidates alike.

Dipika Varhadi

Sr. Human Capital Management Consultant